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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Berserk Volume 5 Chapter 16

Page 41
Dawn the next day, we see the band rest in the castle.

Page 42-43
Golden Age (8)

Page 44
Guts: ....

Page 45
Judeau: Up so early.
Judeau: Seems like you like high spot, right?
Guts: ....
Judeau: Want a drink?
Guts: No thanks.
Judeau: How about Band of the Hawks?
Guts: How about what?
Judeau: Will you be able to stay?

Page 46
Guts: ....I don't know..about that....
Judeau: ....
Guts: The band is kind of strange.
Guts: Normal mercenary group would have criminals or those with dark past more than hald the army.
Guts: But this surprisingly has young men. Not only that...
Guts: The band of the hawk.....has something else....
Judeau: much different?
Judeau: Mercernary group normally have various types of people.
Judeau: We also have escaped prisoners, orphans, blacksmith's sons.

Page 47
Judeau: Perhasp because of Griffith? There are those who admire Griffith abd follow him in order to see wonderful things. And those who gather here simply becasue of his charisma.
Judeau: By ourselves, we are no different from other mercenaries.
Judeau: We may be a bit different from those mercenaries that only care about survival and money.
Guts: .....
Judeau: Here..It's strange that although we kill and get killed everyday...
Judeau: We are able to cry laugh, or angry still.

Page 48
Guts: ....
Guts: What kind of person is Griffith?
Judeau: Huh?
Judeau: ....Hm..... Don't know....
Guts: didn't you say you guys gather up because of his charisma?
Judeau: all right...
Judeau: Listen
Judeau: Well. sometimes he's quite serious, sometimes he's like a child.
Judeau: Sometimes ?I get the shivers just looking at his eyes but he has such innocent smile like baby's.
Judeau: I don't know whether he's a child or a grownup. A good or bad person. I can't really tell.

Page 49
Judeau: But he has something we don't.
Judeau: He's able to convince those who care about drinking and lazy to work hard.
Guts: ....
Judeau: It's hard to's not just his skill at sword fight nor his skill at war strategy.
Judeau: Griffith has something even we work hard the entire life can not have.
Judeau: What he has is something like confidence.

Page 50
Guts: Confidence...
Guts: confidence in what...?
Judeau: In everything.....
Judeau: It's not about being a bad or good person.
Judeau: It's not that we really know him.
Judeau: But a leader has to be someone like him, right?

Page 51
Soldier: He rookie, the boss looks for you.
Guts: I got to go....
Judeau: Guts...
Judeau: You will definately find it here.
Judeau: Your place....

Page 52
Guts sees Griffith's taking shower
Guts: !

Page 53
Guts: ....
Griffith: Hi.
Griffith: Want to take ashower too? This is the best way to stop hang over.
Guts: I'll pas.
Griffith: Don't say that.
Guts: Ah!! You crazy! we are not kids anymore.

throwing water at Guts.

Guts: ......
Griffith: Ha ha ha! Your face looks so funny.

Page 54

Guts reaches for bucket of water and throws water at Griffith.

Griffith: Oh?
Griffith: Ah! You missed!

But Guts throws another and hit Griffith's face.

Griffith: ......

Page 55
The two begin water fight

Guts: .....
Griffith: .....
Judeau: ....
Judeau: Active so early in the morning.

Page 56
Griffith: It's like working out in the morning.

Guts won't give uo and throws another bucket at Griffith.

Griffith: Wa...
Griffith: Guts... You ..!!
Guts: Now we are even.
Griffith: Ah....Phew.... Ha ha ha

Page 57
Griffith: All right all right! You are so persistent.
Guts: (ses Griffith's necklace) .....
Griffith: ? What is it?
Guts: That necklace's so strange.
Griffith: This...

Page 58
Full shot of Beherit.

Page 59
Griffith: I bought it from an old gypsie fortune teller long time ago.
Griffith: It's called Beherit. Some call it "the Emperor's egg"....
Griffith: They say whoever possess it
Griffith: is destined to rule the world in exchange for his very own flesh and blood.
Guts: Rule the world...?

Page 60
Griffith: Here
Guts: ....

The Beherit opens its eye and looks at Guts.

Guts: ....!!
Griffith: I don't know how it does that but it's like a living thing.
Guts: It's disgusting.

Page 61
Griffith: Quite cool huh?
Guts: He's like a little kid.
Griffith: ?
Guts: You didn't give me the answer.
Griffith: Huh?
Guts: That battle....why did you return to save me?

Page 62
Griffith: .......
Griffith: I do't want to loose a skilled fighter to crappy enemies.
Guts: ....
Griffith: Guts....Stay with me...

Page 63
Griffith: It's just a small step.
Griffith: Both the band of the Hawk
Griffith: and a couple of victories.
Griffith: It's just a beginning
Griffith: We just have started.
Griffith: The fun part is what lies ahead.
Griffith: So fun we are betting with our lives.

Page 64
Griffith: I will have a country within my very grasp.

Page 65
Griffih: And you will fight for me.
Griffith: Because you are now mine.

Page 66
Griffith: I'll be the one who choose your dying ground.

Page 67
Guts: Getting his own country?
Guts: Huh!
Guts: Is he serious?
Guts: He's not even a royal blood or high ranking officer. Not even a knight.
Guts: Just a general of a small mercenary group with less than 100 men. But want to have his own country?

Page 68
Guts: He said it like it was nothing.
Guts: He's about my age......but that man.....
Guts: But....He can say that...?
Guts: ....
Guts: He's probably crazy....

Page 69
Guts: What have I been doing all these 4 years.
Guts: Going around battle to battle....

Page 70
Guts: All I did was killing enemies....
Guts: ......
Guts: Just...for survival

Guts thinks of Gambino.

Page 71
Guts: Going where?
Guts: I haven't found the anwer to that....Gambino....

Page 72
Rickert: Mr. Guts !! Mr. Guts !!

Rickert opens the door and causes Guts to fall down to the river.

Guts: Ah...
Guts: You !! What are you doing..!!
Rickert: I'm sorry!! I'm sorry@@
Rickert: I was coming here to congratulate you.
Rickert: I heard you are appointed a squad leader leading 10 men. That's amazing!
Rickert: It hasn't even been two weeks since your enrollment... Somebody like you may actually become a commander in a year!!
Rickert: That means you truly are a part of band of the Hawk.
Rickert: Good to work with you.
Guts: ....
Guts: All right...
Guts: just call me Guts.

Page 73
Rickert: Hnnn...!!

Pippin's at the door and makes the two fall down the river again

Guts: .....!!
Guts: For the time being
Rickert: Pippin....
Guts: Damn! You giant
Guts: ....


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