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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Berserk Volume 5 Chapter 17

Page 83
Is there such a thing like "Hand of God"...Which governs human destiny in this world? At least, Man can't follow his will freely.

Page 84-85
Man takes up the sword to protect the small wounds in his heart, the wounds which locate in the depth of his distant memories.

Man would wields the sword for a smile which he beared long time ago.

Page 88
The war has been raging for over 100 years

Page 91
Knight: Advance!! Crush them!
Knight: Show them the might of the Black Sheep Iron Spear Armored Knights!!
Knight: Kill them!!
Knight: Trample them!!

Page 92
King: Hmmm....
King: This is ridiculous! 3000 of our fine knights are being chased. What are our generals doing?
Knight: Excuse my intrusion!! The enemy, Black Sheep Calvary, is inflicting incredibly serious damage to our army!!
Knight: As it is, our stronghold is also in danger.
King: Hmmm.....
King: Is there no one at all in Midland who can put a stop to the Black deamons of Chuda?
Chuda Knight: Adavance!!

Page 93
Guts stands alone and gets ready to fight Chuda knights

Page 94
Guts starts to ready his sword.

Page 95
Chuda Knight: Is he crazy..!? He's thinking of fighting our armored knights with one single calvary man!?
Chuda Knight: Fine!! Trample him to dust!!

Page 96-98
Guts wades through the enemies and kills all in his path.

Page 99
Chuda Knight: Don't ..don't disrupt the formation!!
Chuda Knight: The enemy's only one man!! Surround him and seal him in!

Page 100
Chuda Knight: Ah...That...!!
Midland Knight: You highness!! Look!!
Midland King: !!

Page 101
A group of soldiers ride to fight the Chuda Knights.

Page 102
Griffith leads the band of the Hawk to fight against the Chuda knights.

Page 103
Chuda Knight: The band of the hawk!!
Chuda Knights: The mercenaries of Griffith the white hawk. The grim reapers of the battle field!!

Page 104
Griffith's army is winning over Chuda's.

Page 105
Chuda Knight: Re...Retreat!!

Page 106
Griffith signals thumb up to Guts.

Page 107
Hawk Soldiers: Commander!!
Hawk Soldiers: Commander Guts!!
Hawk Soldier: You were incredible, commander Guts!!
Hawk Soldier: You fought along so bravely.
Hawk Soldier: You were so cool!! My body was trembled...!! You brought us victory in this battle!!

Page 108
Hawk Soldier (Gaston): Such a great squad commander, Guts!!
Hawk Soldiers: That's our squad leader!!
Hawk Soldiers: Right!!
Guts: Sorry for attacking all by myself....
Hawk Soldiers: Don't say that. Come on. Just because you are our commander, we can boast to the other troops!!
Hawk Soldiers: That's right!
Hawk Soldiers: Let's go get a drink.
Caska: Commander Guts
Guts: !

Page 109
Soldier: Caska....
Gaston: Lieutenant Caska!!
Guts: ....
Caska: I need to have a word with you.
Caska: Could you come with me please? Commander Guts
Guts: You guys go on first, I'll join in later.
Soldiers: Yes, sir.....
Soldier: What was that all about?
Soldier: I don't know.
Soldier: Probably another quarrel.
Soldier: We all know that they do not get along well since the time Commander Guts joined the Hawk 3 years ago.
Soldier: This time probably about the solo attack today.

Page 110
Caska: What were you thinking?
Guts: What?
Caska: Don't play innocent!! Your duty was to accompany my squad and protect the main part of the Hawk Soldiers from the sides as we attacked the enemy, which you should have done!!
Thhe orders... did you think that meant to leave your allies behind and to attack the enemy alone from the front?! Do you think you're some kind of hero!?
I guess you're lucky it happened to work well, but...
Your selfish actions may also endanger the Hawk Soldiers!!
You have to be aware of your situation!!

Page 111

Guts: Sorry.
From now on, I'll keep that in mind.
Caska:'re always like that.
They're just words... and you do the same things, once again.
You're the same as you were three years ago...
when you provoked Griffith.
The only thing that satisfies you is crossing words with the enemy!!
You don't consider your friends at all...

Page 112

Guts: Say it again......
Griffith: You two should leave it at that

Page 113

Caska: Griffith!
Griffith: I'll explain all that to him.

Page 114

Caska: Griffith, you're too sweet on him.
Corkus: You've been in some trouble Caska.
Caska: Corkus!
Corkus: He's Griffith's favorite, after all...
Arguing with him like that will just make you look like the "mean one"
You know what? If you want to kill him, we'd be pleased to help anytime

Page 115

Corkus: Ahhhh!!
Caska: Sorry.
Corkus: ...shit
Griffith: (whew)
You really have a bad relationship
Even if it's been 3 years since you met...
Guts: I think about them...

Page 116

Guts: I think about my allies
And... I'm not my old self
Griffith: I remember...
Three years ago... Our fight when you were wandering and I made you gamble to join the
Hawks. [Wrrrrrrrrrong]
That fight was fun...
That's the kind of fights I like...

Page 117

Griffith: Come on, let's go. You'll be the main topic of conversation when we'll drink, this time.
Guts: Griffith
Today's fight...
I'm sorry about it...
Griffith: That trait of yours...
it's also part of my plan.

Page 118

Baldie: Truly, this is unheard of moment, when a commoner receives the title of knight.
Bowl-cut: And he _even_ receives a noble title..
Black hair: What on earth is the King thinking?
Old Guy: But during that battle... The Hawk Soldiers indeed rendered great services yet again...
Why is he doing this for a commoner like him?... When there's no war, this kind of mercenaries aren't any different from bandits.
King: (In the name of God and of the Holy Spirit, I make thou a knight.)
Black hair: But now, we shouldn't be too careless about him. His ability on the battlefield certainly isn't to be taken lightly.
In turn, who knows when he'll cause _our_ downfall...

Page 119

King: Be courageous,
Deepen your courtesy,
And be faithful. [Alt. "And practice your faith."]
Corkus: With all these distinguished military services, even the elder officials...
... have no choice but to admit our values.
Griffith didn't only get the title of knight, he became a viscount, now.
Now, we can kiss good-bye to this wretched mercenary business, and we're now fully part of the regular army.

Page 120

Caska: Now that we're part of the Midland army, learn to keep your mouth shut.
We're in the middle of the Investiture Ceremony. [Alt. "We're in the middle of the coronation (ceremony)"]
From now on, insurbodinations from our part may cause problems for Griffith.
We can't act like the rude and rustic troop we were anymore.
Corkus: Yeah, yeah I know Lieutenant, Lady Caska.
....Jeez, you're more severe than my mom.
Caska: Whaat!?
Corkus: Hey, the ceremony, the ceremony!
Baldie: heh, bumpkins.
Caska: Where is he.....?

Page 121

Guts: 198! 199! 200!!

Page 123

[Sword Wind End]


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