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Saturday, February 12, 2005

TAM 2005 Comic Award

My girlfriend and I entered a national contest, Thailand Animation and Multimedia 2005. The contest was finally concluded and we got 3rd prize, which isn't bad considering we didn't spend too much time on the project as we were busy working on Himmapan project. Here are the images we submitted for the contest:

Title: Fon (Rain)

Boy: "...Such a wonderful morning"
Boy: "Look at the sky! It's full of beautiful clouds"

Boy: "Someone told me sky's like a large movie screen....I think it's true"
Boy: "Thee clouds are moving"
Boy: "It transforms to be an elephant"
Boy: "..and now a super hero"

Explaination: "Cloud" is a state of water. It has uncertain form and able to move around according to air pressure.

Explaination: The boy's talking to himself with his imaginative mind.

Explaination: It's a happiness which money can not buy.

Explaination: Meanbwhile, dark clouds are approaching slowly.

Explaination: The happy moment is over...

Explaination: "Acid Rain" is a result of a combination of rain and metalic oxide in the air. The cause of the oxide generally come from exhaust pipes, factories, coal based power plants, etc. When acid rain hit leaves, the leaves will be burned and eventually die. Furthermore, Acid Rain also affect human lives... It's harmful to various internal systems such as heart, bladder, and lung.

If human do not learn how to preserve its environment, human acts will lead to human's own demise....

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