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Saturday, July 31, 2004

"Little Prints" OTTOTTO

A friend from work showed me an art workshop event which will be held this weekend. The style of art is paper block printing. I immediately got very interested after I read through the event’s synopsis. This exhibition’s titled “Little Prints” and is to start on Saturday at 2:00 PM. I told my friend to reserve a spot for me and my girlfriend right away.

Hence on Saturday, My friend, my girlfriend and I began our little art journey together. We arrived there a bit late (2:35 PM) due to various reasons. The place is located in quite a nice area which I didn’t know before (although the place is just a few blocks from my house—perhaps because I haven’t got out much lately).

Location of The Art House

By the time we got there, the demonstration and workshop have already started. The workshop’s managed by Thai-Japanese duo artists (Napapon Kurae and Tamawak Akimitsu). The duo’s also known as OTTOTTO. They were very nice in explaining every details about the process of paper block printing from conceptual planning, sketching, all the way to how to bind the illustrated pages.

The artist shows how to make paper block printing

The artist and his book

The artist at work

The artist prepares his print color

We also had a chance to lurk around the exhibition areas and took some shots of finished works by the duo art masters. The works really remind me of my childhood and how simple things can be so beautiful and fun.

In and around the Art House

One of the pieces up the wall

Finished works available for close examination

Bound and read for enjoying

Another finished work

Our friend also got her hands dirty and got a very nice 2-page illustration done complete with a cover.

Getting started

The cover of finiahed work

Look what's inside :)

I must say the whole experience was very insightful and fun. For those who’ve missed the event, you may enjoy the exhibition from August 1-32, 2004 at:

Address: Rajata Art House 52 Samsen 5 Road, Bang Khunprom, Bangkok
Tel: 0.2201.2115

Friday, July 30, 2004

My 2 cents on The Porn Star (Nong Nat) case

Note: This entry of my blog has nothing what so ever with my normal subjects. But I’d like to keep a piece of my thought about a current event online.

Probably, by now, most of Thai people domestic and abroad already know about a Thai girl who was a porn movie actor and her movie (which was taken a few years ago and at that time she was 19 years of age) just became very well known to Thai public.

Just a bit of background information about porn in Thailand; it’s illegal for anyone to partake in a porno movie (I’m talking XXX rate and not about one of those movies that uses camera angle to hide the fake kissin’ and stuff) selling porno materials (including but not limited to porno VDO, VCD, DVD, and Sex toys) or even own a XXX porno movie. Despite the fact that selling porno flicks is illegal, you can go practically anywhere and buy one.

Well, I got my own thinking on this as I never thought of staring in a porno movie would be such a high crime or a big subject for that matter. The topic even went on air the other night (on a talk show much like US’s 60 minutes). I felt, however, pathetic toward the Police department as I think even if they want to rid of porn movies in Thailand, this is clearly the wrong approach.

I have no right and no voice to tell the department what to do. But the department has no need to make this matter such big news. It seems almost like the police dept wants to be famous for getting a big break on cracking the porn industry. I believe the investigation should have been conducted in a more discreet manner and somewhat protect her as a witness as well. From the television show, I got the feeling that the police has some prejudice feeling about the woman that she is not a decent woman and that she has been a porn star, therefore there weren’t much need to protect her. When you come to think of it, (at least from my perspective) her crime is quite minute comparing to murderers, corrupters, and thugs that seem to roam the kingdom rather freely and proudly. Some may even appear as a high-ranking officer or even as a politician. The department should be working hard on other matters instead of catching a helpless porno chick.

Another important point I wish to state is if the department’s true plan is to eradicate the problem once and for all, making this as a big news won’t do much good. Do you really think that the guy who had the movie shot would be around for the police to catch him? Hell no! He’s probably gone out of the country by now (assuming he’s in the country at all). All they will get is the lowest bottom of the porn chain industry and that’s people who are buying and selling porno VCDs--not the big guys.

My personally voiceless rantings

1. While they are conducting a quiet investigation with the porno lady, they should try to go up the food chain and try to get to the top. But the top guy could be one of your bosses in the government sector? :)

2. Nat, the porn star, probably know little or nothing about who was really behind the thing. She’s merely an actor. Don’t be so harsh on her!

3. What have the police department done up until now has been aggravating the situation as people are even more curious about the girl and how to acquire the flick. You are saying you are trying to crack down and bust the people who are distributing the VCDs, at the same time you are creating the demand for it. Before this thing went red, I bet less than 10% of Thai population probably has seen the film. But now I think almost all has probably seen some forms or parts of the movie.

4. This issue will probably last for a few days or weeks before it went away and all the Thais will forget about what ever happened.

5. Porno materials should be legalized. This I’m talking about not only the movies but also the toys and whatever adult materials you can think of. But you should legalize it with a system to support it. It should be created so that there are supervising organization and rules to govern it. As for example, the material can only be sold to an adult (18+). And the law should be strict enough. I believe such system has been working perfectly fine in many civilized countries and will continue to be so. By doing so, porn materials can be taxed and the country will even get revenue & profit out of it. (Much like how I’d like Casino and alike to be legalized)

6. For Nat, I’d like to say that although you have been in porn movies and photo shoots, It was your decision and your decision alone. You may regret about it and I also feel deeply sorry for you. As I know no one would want to be in your shoes. I really liked it when you admitted firmly about what you have done and willing to take the full responsibility. Keep on the fight, and be strong.

Here are some pics of her which are being posted everywhere on various News sites:

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Doodle of a lady in Chinese dress

It's been awhile since my last doodle as recently I've been putting a lot of time and energy to my book project and photo trips. Last night, however, I felt compelled to draw something differently from Vector and Painting versions of Himapan Creatures. My favorite subject for drawing and sketching has always been figures of woman. I think female body's very beautiful and very interesting to draw.

I did this piece entirely in my G5 machine. The entire paint session was done in Adobe Photoshop. The rough sketch was created in about 15 minutes and the actual paint process was done in about one hour. The original document's 300 DPI and 8" x 10" in dimension.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Wat Benchamabophit Trip

I was planning to visit the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew again to get all images of mural paintings last Saturday because last weekend the place was overwhelmed by tourists. A friend of my, Soon, picked my girlfriend and I up and headed to the place. Reached there at around 9:00 AM but it seemed like the place was even more crowded than previous weekend. So we decided to visit Wat Pho first and gave time to let tourists leave the vicinity. Spent about a good 1 hour at Wat Pho and took some pictures around the temple.

Wat Pho (Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimon Mangkala Ram)

Beautiful Prangs within Wat Pho

Ancient Massage Diagram

After that, we walked to the Grand Palace and do our photo mission. Again the place was infested with tourists. We tried to take some photos but no luck at all as there were too many people walking left and right. This makes taking photos of the murals an impossible task to do because some tourist just don't care whether there's someone trying to take a snapshot..they just walk across the shooting Len. I was a bit pissed but we were outnumbered 1000 to 3. So I suggested our team to skip Wat Phra Kaew and go directly to Wat Ben instead.

See how crowded it was at Wat Phra Kaew

I think it was a field day for some students too! But why did they have to sit there and block the walk way?

Wat Ben or Wat Benchamabophit was very nice temple and there were very little tourists that day. The temple has European influence on Thai architecture. In some parts, however, you can feel the presence of Chinese style as well. Although there weren't many Himapan arts here, you can still spot a couple of Singhas statues within the temple.

A Beautiful Metal Statue of Singha

Best of all, there are 53 Buddha images collected from all over Thailand located in the cloister.

The most revered copy of Phra Buddha Chinarat

Various postures of Buddha

What I have learned today:

A friend of mine at work, Kung, brought up an issue about snakes and legs. So I search and found this:-

Do Boa Constrictors Really have remnants of hind legs?---(Source:
Boas are among the most primitive of existing snakes. They have visible claws near the base of the tail, which some scientists believe are actually remnants of hind legs. In the males, not only are the claws highly visible, they are used in the seduction of the female.